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"Daughters of Darkness proves once again that Meg Hafdahl is a strong addition to the #ladiesofhorrorfiction authors. And that final chapter? It’s killing me–I’m dying for book #3 already!" -Jessika Hoover

"Hafdahl weaves an intricate tale of betrayal, murder, and small town intrigue." 

"Every bit as page turning as any Stephen King novel"RW Magazine 

"Hafdahl writes incredible imagery a la Blake Crouch in the Wayward Pines series." 

“Everything is not as it seems in the short, ‘Twilight Zone’ like tales Meg Hafdahl writes.” Matt Stolle, The Post Bulletin

"For fans of Stephen King, Meg Hafdahl's entry [Willoughby] will satisfy."

-Gay Yellen, Author

"A vibrant collection of short stories by an exciting debut female writer! The stories are gripping, with each of the 13 ranging from the pleasantly macabre ("There's Something About Birds") to the deliciously wicked ("The Pit") to the downright horrifying ("Flatlands)." 

A five star Amazon review 

"[One of] my favorites from this amazing collection of crime stories is The Pit. Great suspense and sweet twists!"

-Laurence Levine


"Another great book by Meg Hafdahl! Similar in some ways to her first book (complicated, interesting characters in scary situations), but is even cooler because they are all part of a larger narrative of this creepy mysterious rural town which makes it a very layered experience. My favorites are "Zoey Shepard" "Adelaide Hunter" and "Fred Willoughby"

A five star Amazon review

"Hafdahl has created Minnesota's version of Stephen King's Castle Rock."

A five star Amazon review 


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